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Help Organizations Fulfill Their Promise, Grow Their Client Base, and Offer Solutions People Need

Do you want to help startups, nonprofits, colleges and organizations find the funding they need to stay relevant, current and at the forefront of their industry?
Through our Assertive Ask™ Licensing Program, you can license our entire Assertive Ask™ Fundraising System – 3 workshops delivered over the course of a year to organizations, nonprofits and colleges – for a yearly licensing fee.

Learn the system that has helped raise millions, broaden your network, and acquire more clients.

When You’re Confident Asking Donors for Money, You Can Grow Your Programs, Meet Benchmarks, and Plan Future Fundraising Initiatives

Asking for money isn’t something that comes easily to many people. They’re uncomfortable, unsure about what to say or not say and usually end up boring the people they’re speaking to. 

When you’re speaking to potential donors and asking for support, you must be authentic, confident in your words and assertive without coming off as aggressive.  This is what we teach through The Assertive Ask®. 

Assertive Ask® is a multi-million-dollar fundraising system that has generated millions for organizations. It includes three 90-minute workshops:

  • Assertive Ask® Signature Workshop
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Donor Engagement
  • Zero Embarrassment Speaking

As a licensed trainer, you will provide organizations with our latest training and approaches to fundraising so they can confidently speak to potential donors, fulfill their mission, grow their client base and have the skills necessary to acquire future funds.

Meet The Assertive Ask® Founder, Kristal Frazier

I’m Kristal Frazier, Creator of The Assertive Ask® Fundraising System and recognized as one of the world’s most successful fundraisers.

Frustrated with the boring and often ineffective approach to fundraising that had people cold calling and sending mass emails, I decided to create a fundraising system that is authentic, conversational and to-the-point.

If you’re ready to help organizations, nonprofits and colleges implement The Assertive Ask® System, then I want to hear from you.

As a Licensed Partner, you will:

Our mission is simple: To build a global community of fearless fundraisers. And that’s where you come in.

Our team of licensed trainers will meet the growing demand of startups, nonprofits, colleges and organizations that want proven, practical fundraising solutions so they can confidently fundraise and exceed their fundraising goals now AND in the future.


Explore if The Assertive Ask® Fundraising System is right for you. Download the Licensed Partner Guide.


Options are available for colleges, universities, nonprofits, membership associations, startups and corporate entities. To confirm which option is right for you, let’s schedule an interview to discuss next steps for licensing The Assertive Ask® Fundraising System.

To date, The Assertive Ask™ Fundraising System has helped thousands of students, small business owners, nonprofit executives and a host of other professionals to collectively raise millions of dollars.

Here’s what they have to say

"I highly recommend Kristal Frazier of FundJoy, LLC. I had the pleasure of working with Kristal on a funder/donor communication webinar for my organization. She was extremely organized, thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. Her practical advice and guidance to our audience of theological school leaders was met with very positive feedback. She was truly a pleasure to work with and I look forward to engaging her for a future webinar."

Annie Glanden

Vice President for Programs at the
In Trust Center for Theological Schools

"I was so grateful to have Kristal speak to my class of seminary students and congregation leaders on faith-based grant writing and reviewing. In the span of 45 minutes, Kristal covered everything from where to find grants to what reviewers are looking for to how to write a grant proposal with confidence. She offered both overarching advice and practical tips grounded in her years of industry experience. She was inspirational, realistic, and incredibly engaging! I look forward to future opportunities to use her expertise."

Grace Pomroy

Director of the Stewardship Leaders Program
at Luther Seminary

Because of the fundraising shift that’s happened in the last few years, it’s no longer enough to offer 1-hour webinars with no follow-up, no recognition of diversity, no real engagement and no ownership to fully implement the training.

Are you ready to leverage the proven strategies within The Assertive Ask®? 

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Explore if The Assertive Ask® Fundraising System is right for you. Download the Licensed Partner Guide.