FundJoy LLC is an international consulting firm led by Kristal Frazier. Kristal is an award-winning Keynote Speaker who has coached thousands of students and clients (in-person and online) across North America, Europe, and Africa to collectively raise $200 million from funders and individual donors over the past decade. Kristal is the Founder of the Assertive Ask® System, used by universities, membership organizations, and nonprofits to help programs fund, sustain and grow. Kristal has an innate talent for coaching critical thinkers and thought leaders to craft words and deliver speeches that cultivate investors, funders, and donors. As a result, thousands of fundraisers, students, entrepreneurs, program leaders, and collegiate executives benefit from the Assertive Ask® System.

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Assertive Ask® is a system that has raised millions for nonprofits, organizations, startups, and charities. Although initially created as a fundraising system, organizations use Assertive Ask® to help their members, students, and sales teams to speak without fear. Assertive Ask® is a system that creates confidence. We deliver our expertise through several programs:

-Assertive Ask® Fundraising Framework
-Confidence in Hard Conversations
-Zero Embarrassment Speaking
-DEI Donor Connection

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