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Cultivating Fearless Speakers, Empowering Students, Universities, and Organizations to Raise Millions

Ambitious goal seekers, college deans and professors, institutional giving and grant program leaders and nonprofit executives count on my signature speeches, presentations and coaching programs to discover how to carry out their missions and make a meaningful impact.

Empowering Fearless Speakers and Elevating Students, Nonprofits and Leaders to Raise Millions

From North America and Europe to Africa, my speeches, presentations and signature training sessions have collectively raised $200 million from funders and individual donors over the past decade. And you can rely on me to serve up that same level of meaningful impact and transformative results to your audience (or teach you how to do it on your own).

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The Key to Asking for (and Getting) What You Want

How different would your life and career be and how many lives could you change if you had the confidence to simply ask for what you want? 

You see, I know firsthand how vital confidence is in speaking with authority and influence to not only ask for what you want, but also position the ask in a way that yields favorable results. 

And it’s understanding how to speak with confidence and authority that has positioned me to use my speeches and presentations to generate $200 million from funders and individual donors. 

The Dynamic Speaker and Confidence-Boosting Coach You Need to Captivate and Engage Audiences

Looking to become a transformation-inducing speaker or hire one to pour into your audience? Your search ends with me. Who am I? Glad you asked.
I’m Kristal Frazier, captivating international speaker, results-driving trainer and soon-to-be bestselling author.

Affectionately known as the Queen of Conversation, I’ve facilitated speeches and presentations across North America, Europe and Africa, teaching thousands of students, small business owners, nonprofit executives and a host of other professionals how to collectively raise $200 million from funders and individual donors over the past decade.

While I know firsthand how difficult fundraising can be, I also know that understanding how to speak with confidence and authority is the key to fearlessly asking for (and getting) the funding and donations your organization or program needs.

As a public speaking coach for organizations, entrepreneurs, college students and nonprofit professionals, I share my talent and expertise through my signature training programs based on proven, time-tested, outside-the-box strategies you won’t see taught by anyone else.

From where I stand, the only roadblocks standing between you and the funding you need to make a meaningful impact are your mindset and your approach. And with my extensive experience in nonprofit growth and development and public speaking, these are two roadblocks I can undoubtedly help you overcome.

You have the drive, the passion, the ambition and the tenacity. And I’m here to show you how to amplify your voice so you can get what you or your organization needs.

Here’s how we can get you on your way to raising millions:

For Every Flaw

Say it with me: “I don’t need permission to be successful. I am enough. I am my only competition”
I’ve spent my career empowering speakers, leaders, students, and professionals to raise millions. For Every Flaw details my journey to self-acceptance and gaining the confidence to speak and fundraise without fear. After reading my book, I hope you start to live unapologetically and fearlessly.

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I have facilitated interactive, strategy-filled speeches and presentations for audiences across North America, Europe and Africa, including:

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